Wanted, Better Hunter Talents
rooster posted at 15:00:00 on Jun 02, 2011

Today over at the WarCraft Hunters Union, @FrostHeimWHU posted a snippet by GhostCrawler from the Dev Watercooler about the new talent trees WoW received with the release of Cataclysm. Since launch, no longer can players spread their talents all over three different talent trees like we had been able to since WoW launched. This singular change to the game has been great. For the most part, filling out your talent tree is easily done. You can clearly see which talents improve your healing/dps/tanking. Gone (well, 90% of them) are the talents that only serious PvPers would take. Gone also are those really bizarre "hybrid" specs like the shockadin. That said, there is still room for improvement in some of classes.