Circle of Healing - 2011
rooster posted at 07:07:00 on Jul 07, 2011

Having read Beruthiel's response and now Kurn's response to the Circle of Healing Questionnaire for this year/expansion, I wanted to join in the fun. So here I go!

Next Up, Festival Fallow
rooster posted at 14:45:00 on Jul 05, 2011

So there it is. Another festival come and gone. Did you get everything you wanted? Did you do everything you wanted? Did you even log in? The 2011 Midsummer Festival has come and gone and while I did a lot, there was a LOT more I wanted to do but did not get to do. cry

Not only was there a festival happening, there was also a new patch that dropped on the last week of the festival so getting things done that you wanted to might not have been possible if you or your guild had "more important" things to do playing "tree huggin hippies". wink

Now don't get me wrong. I have no issues with people that "luv the trees and all the critters that live in da forest" (hello, Mylune! biggrin ) but the new Hyjal dailies are a bit tiresome since you have to do so much of the same thing every week, every day. That though, is another post and I am here to talk about the Midsummer Festival.