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rooster posted at 01:15:50 on May 20, 2011•

This is my first post on yes, you guessed it, "Yet Another WoW Blog". Right now, it's late and so this post will not be drawn out (not that I intend for any future posts to be as such). All this is, is a "hello" to the "community" and "i look forward to getting to know you" style post. biggrin

Please don't forget to click the "More..." link below the post as this "teaser" text should rarely be the complete post. Besides, I have twitter (@YAWoWB) for anything too short to post here. wink

First off, I will admit, that right now, in the WoW community, adding my voice almost feels like showing up to a party that is losing steam. :/ A lot of the bloggers that I only just discovered in 2010 have now, come Cataclysm, decided to ease off of WoW and blogging or have out right said "enough". I fully support anyone taking "real life" over WoW and would never tell anyone that they have to stay. I personally just find this time in "WoW" very curious. The community has often talked about end of expansion blues and beginning of expansion QQ, but for me, a fairly "young" WoW player to experience it themselves is as I said, curious.

You see, I enjoy the many facets of WoW (for me though, PvP is low on the list) and I find there is a lot of "play" in WoW but I know not everyone sees it like this. While possibly many of the now ex-WoWers were full-time raiders, I have also heard/read that for a lot more of the players, the sweeping changes that Cataclysm brought has been too much and they no longer like the game (I too have found aspects of my favourite class almost unbearable). And finally, there are other games out there now and we all know how shiny things attract gamers! wink I think yumfries captured this aspect well in NubTales s02e05 (see clip below).

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