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rooster posted at 07:00:00 on May 21, 2011•

If you keep tabs on WoW news, I'm sure you have heard by now that soon™ you will be able to group with your friends on RealID and queue for dungeons. Oh ya, this new feature will be a premium service. Given that this feature is not available on "live" yet, it's too soon to say how great or not it is. That said, the community can offer how it fits in with their play style. So here is how I see it.

It is probable that if you are a regular raider, this new premium service likely won't fit, so long as your WoW friends are on the same realm. I am even inclined to say that the majority of casual players also won't have much use for the service as they too likely have their WoW friends all on the same realm. The one area I see the service fitting is when WoW friends are wide spread (cross realm).

When I started WoW, I researched the game first, then sought a guild I thought I could fit in with, then finally logged on with a trial account (on that guild's realm). Since then, I have made friends in and out of the guild, raided with other guilds and made more friends, left that first guild and formed my own guilds, joined a themed guild on another realm and finally, seen WoW friends quit and others move realms. Currently, I have a designated new home realm for my alliance characters and left my horde characters on that first realm. Through all of this I have been able to chat with WoW friends using RealID (before this, if I were leveling a horde alt, I could not chat with any alliance friends). Nowadays, the chat sometimes starts out with a "i wish we were on the same realm!" and other times I get "come tank for me!". Now if I were the one with this new premium service (but is it a monthly fee or a one time charge?), I could indeed group and queue with my WoW friends that are on other realms. Will I get this service? Possibly if and only if it is a one time charge. If the service is a monthly fee, even if it is a low price like the existing premium service for the WoW Remote, I will not get the service. Personally, I can not justify paying for something that I may only use a few times a month (yes, my circle of WoW friends are all casual players).

Remember, this is me talking about myself not me telling you how to pay for WoW. I admit, being able to play cross-realm with my WoW friends would be great but on the list of cross-realm features, I place mailing heirlooms at the top right now.

As with all pre-announcements, until it is on live and being used, we can only speculate on the impact and for now merely say what we think we will do.

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