Patch 4.3 - Return of the Key Ring
rooster posted at 23:00:00 on Jun 28, 2011•

So today was the launch of patch 4.2 and the demise of the key ring, your bag space and a failed attempt at a peace offering. If you did not already about it, here is the original blue post. Well we now have the results of removing the keyring. As a blacksmither and long time player, this change has been a complete disaster. Here is how I see it.

The first problem with the removal of the keyring is the loss to work achieved. It took time, gold and often help from other players to get keys. The result being, you had the key to get into a zone in a certain manner that was not possible otherwise. A great example of this is the key to Upper BlackRock Spire, the Seal of Ascension. To obtain this key, it started from a drop, Unadorned Seal of Ascension, in Lower Black Rock Spire, then required you to run LBRS enough times to get all three of the gems (anyone could roll on the gems and if you did not get all 3 in a single run, you had to go back in). Next you had to go all the way out to Dustwallow Marsh and beat an elite dragon, Emberstrife, to less than 20% health, mind control him, breath fire on your Unforged Seal of Ascension, kill the dragon and finally return to LBRS to turn in your Forged Seal of Ascension. Doing this quest chain at 80 was extremely difficult since it was often too easy to kill the dragon before being able to mind control him. cry This was the only problem I ever had with this key and it was solely my own fault.

The second problem with the removal of the keyring is the loss of user bag space. This problem is exasperated if you a re a blacksmith and have keys from when you leveled blacksmithing. Since crafting keys was an easy way to skill up, it was normal to have close to 100 keys of even one level range. Since these keys only stack to 20, that meant today, your bag slots would be reduced by 5 slots just for this one set of keys. In addition to this, if your bags were full and you managed to bank or sell these blacksmithing keys, the next time you zone anywhere, any keys that were not already in your bag but instead residing in the "nether" awaiting a free bag slot, are now in those free slots. For my one blacksmith, this happened all night as I would bank the keys I could, then upon zoning find I had no free bag space again, return to the bank as soon as I could to deposit the next batch of keys and zone somewhere else for a quest/dungeon/whatever and have to repeat this process all over again. Oh. Em. Gee. (feel free to input your own expression of frustration)

Lastly we have keys we bought such as the heroic dungeon keys for Burning Crusade heroics. Each key cost you 9 gold AND you had to be honoured before you could purchase the key. Of these types of keys that you had in your keyring, today you received 2 gold and 50 silver as compensation. Um, excuse me? You removed the need for keys, then removed the keyring and you are "compensating" me the sell back price? Who do you think you are! I want my 9 gold back! No, seriously. I want my 2 dollars.

two dollars

Overall, this key/attunement/keyring change has been a complete disaster and I look forward to the return of the keyring. I seriously doubt users needed to have the raid window as a button they could click on in their UI. As for the Dungeon Journal, well it's a good addition but honestly, I have not even looked at it.

So that's my take on this mess but if you are interested in something different, check out Everyone is a Sith or Jed's Corner of WoW Shenanigans.

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