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So there it is. Another festival come and gone. Did you get everything you wanted? Did you do everything you wanted? Did you even log in? The 2011 Midsummer Festival has come and gone and while I did a lot, there was a LOT more I wanted to do but did not get to do. cry

Not only was there a festival happening, there was also a new patch that dropped on the last week of the festival so getting things done that you wanted to might not have been possible if you or your guild had "more important" things to do playing "tree huggin hippies". wink

Now don't get me wrong. I have no issues with people that "luv the trees and all the critters that live in da forest" (hello, Mylune! biggrin ) but the new Hyjal dailies are a bit tiresome since you have to do so much of the same thing every week, every day. That though, is another post and I am here to talk about the Midsummer Festival.

So at the start of this years Midsummer Festival, I had four level capped 85's that could queue for Ahune and two level 80's that if I unlocked them (I turned off XP so I could farm JP and rep easier), they too could assault Ahune daily.

The first week of Ahune runs was painful, though the final week had some A+ crap stars too since by then most players had gotten what they wanted and did not queue anymore. Too many crappy dps players, plus crappy tanks, plus crappy healers meant all too often I had a very large repair bill. When I did get into a good group, it was so much like a breath of fresh air I nearly cried when we disbanded. cry

When I tanked, usually the healers I got were the dumb kind that just ran around like a chicken with it's head cut off making it impossible for me to peel trash off of them. Seriously people! If trash is beating on you, RUN TO THE TANK! Is that really that hard to do? If it is, sell everything you have, give me the gold and delete your character!

When I healed, well, uh. Oh my, I really do not like remembering those times but here it goes. When I healed, it was common to get tanks that new nothing about tanking and repeatedly wiped the group. Granted, my one healer that did assault Ahune was my bear+resto night elf druid who a week prior the festival was still locked at 80. After the first three days of the festival, I leveled my druid from 80 to 84 by playing healer for Cataclysm dungeon runs and by honoring/extinguishing the flames around Azeroth. I even stole the horde city flames again this year. biggrin
Shockingly, I had one person exclaim "you need more than an 84 tank and healer to kill Ahune". eek Oh really now? If you need an 85 tank and healer decked out in epics to kill Ahune, you are doing it wrong. I'll post the correct kill strategy later.
Suffice it to say, if dps was horribly low, the fight would take two to three transitions before a kill, but I was perfectly capable of healing it (well so long as people avoided the spikes!). If the group knew how to execute a perfect kill, then at most, two transitions is all it took.

When I dps'd, well that was the easy run, sometimes. Again, if the tank or healer sucked, it was a wipe. If you are healing and you are 85 and you are STILL casting your fast expensive heal, you are a fail healer. This is Cataclysm, not Wrath. Learn to play or suffer the disdain of every player you group with. Your mana matters this expansion and you should know that by now. Back to dpsin'.
So ya, as a dps the fight was a no brainer for me. Avoid the spikes on the ground and dps the correct target.

When I was melee, I would work on the adds until the burn phase.

When I was ranged, I would focus on Ahune the whole time. "lulz. you suck! he's got a debuff." Yea, so? The debuff, Ahune's Shield, only reduces incoming damage by 90%. So as an example, if your attack would do 1,000 points of damage, the shield blocks 90% (900 points) and only 10% (100 points) of the damage hurts Ahune. During the burn phase, this shield is gone and all damage hits full strength. Also, this year, 2011, there is no longer frost immunity on the boss or the spawning adds! Granted, I still did more dps in my fire spec on my mage than my frost spec, but being able to dps in frost spec was a welcome change. As one commentator on WoWHead put it :

"I found this out the hard way by saying, well, this won't work, and hitting a bunch of adds with Howling Blast.

Oops." biggrin


So other than large repair bills and only one of my five characters getting the pet this year, and only one of my five characters getting the staff, I personally consider this years boss slaying a bust. cry As much as I wanted to get the staff this year on my priest since he had the staff from last year and the staff from the year before, I just couldn't bring myself to turn XP back on and level the priest to 84. Especially since one week of the festival had already passed. :/ Had patch 4.2 not dropped in the middle of the festival requiring my attention for more dailies very much akin to the Argent Tournament, I likely would have unlocked the priest and leveled him to 84. Now if next year's staff is more usable than this years, I might run the priest for it, but given the likely hood of that, I will just have to say oh well and lament the loss of another revision of the vanity staff. wink At least my priest was the first of my characters to get BOTH the searing scorchling and the frigid frostling! biggrin Oh and if you missed it, since at least patch 4.1, the searing scorchling now torches critters randomly! biggrin I will update this post with a video of it later as it is very well done!

The only other task I wanted to do with this years festival was to get as much of the festival achievements done as I could with my new classes (dwarf shaman, gilnean warrior and human rogue) and time permitting work on the few true alts I have (WHU and horde characters) but alas I did not. cry

Ok as I said, here is the way to win at slaying Ahune.

There are two phases. Phase one, Ahune has his shield up and phase two, Ahune is "hiding" in his Frozen Core.
During phase one, the tank and all dps must focus on the big frost elemental, Ahunite Hailstone. The healer should be as far away as possible from this minion as it puts out an AoE debuff called Chilling Aura. According to WoWHead, this debuff has no range so once you move far enough away, if you have it on you, it should fall off.
Once the Ahunite Hailstone is killed, the tank and melee dps can continue to kill the spawning trash until phase two. If there are any ranged dps, they can switch to Ahune and remain there until the next transition when another Ahunite Hailstone will spawn.

If your dps is made up of solely ranged classes, then I would suggest a non-DoT class focusing on Ahune, while the DoT dps'rs can DoT up Ahune while also working on the spawning trash.

If your dps is made up of solely melee classes, well then you are stuck with everyone being on the trash until the burn phase.

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