There's a festival on?!
rooster posted at 07:00:00 on Sep 07, 2011•

In case you missed it, yes, yes there is a festival happening right now. It is the Harvest Festival.

While this festival feels out of place, provides no achievement and has questionable quests (alliance/horde), the food is AMAZING. All the food (harvest boar, harvest bread, harvest fish, harvest nectar) returns a percentage of health or mana. A percentage. Not X amount over X seconds but a percentage of your health or mana over 25 seconds (health) or 30 seconds (mana). This food is great to have stock piles of since it can refill your bars very quickly.
As for the quests, the Alliance quest reward is a nice piece of lore, especially for paladins. The horde quest reward is very similar as well, in regards to lore for orcs.

Let me just finish off with this quote from Daniel Whitcomb over at WoW Insider :

"Yeah, it's a small holiday, and a weird one at that. I mean, you either honor Uther, who was a jerk to Tirion Fordring, ineffective against the Scourge and was betrayed and killed by his protege, or Grom, who betrayed the Orcish race to the Burning Legion at least twice, and whose clan is still one of the major sources of strife and bad Horde-Alliance relations on Azeroth today."

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